Devon Gun Alert Man In Police Custody

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Police crime scenes

Devon Gun Alert: Man In Police Custody

Devon Gun Alert: Man In Police Custody

A man is in police custody following an incident in which a gunman was believed to be holed up in a terraced house.

Officers were called to the property in St Maurice Road, Plympton, Devon, just before 7pm on Tuesday and residents were evacuated from their homes as police attempted to negotiate with the suspect.

One resident told Sky News he heard four loud bangs, before a man was put into a police van.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police described it as a “domestic incident” and said there had been no injuries.

Earlier neighbours had reported hearing gunshots in the street.

Alex Guttridge, 20, said: “I had just come back from getting some food at 7.30pm when seven police cars turned up.

“I was at the top of the road just about to go into my house when the police started moving us away.

“They put a cordon up and asked us to leave. The next thing I know I heard bangs and shouting.”

Neighbour Bradley Warren, 19, said he saw a microwave and a TV being thrown from the property into the garden.

Nick Sheehan, 18, who watched the situation unfold, said he saw the suspect surrender peacefully after putting down a weapon.

The cordon was lifted at around 11pm.
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P.S what is happening there are now crime scenes going on everywhere nowadays. what are your thoughts leave a comment on what you think.


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