can you really make money online? if so how? Well you can take Surveys or  you can sell stuff on your website. I have tried all of these and non of them have worked for me. The problem is you have to get a certain amount of money before you can get paid. Sometimes this can take a very long time. All they are trying to do is con you into taking surveys and you will not get paid unless you have a few years to spare. Some paid survey sites will get you to do surveys for points which you cash in when you have a certain amount. but these surveys come very rarely. Sometimes you will get 1 a month and even then you will have to go through some questions to see if you are right for the survey.  It will be very hard to find something that hasn’t been put up as it is very popular. Finally Internet marketing is a very hard thing to do as you will have to get traffic to your site. This is a long process and will take time but it may be the best chance you have. So have you made any money online and if so how have you done it? It would be great if you could tell me some of your stories on how you have tried and not been able to do it or even tried and been able to do it. please leave a comment sharing your story.

  1. saxophonemad says:

    Most of these things are a scam u give them ur bank details and whoosh there goes your money

  2. Abbe says:

    You must check other ways of making money online. There are lots of online opportunity for quick cash and you dont need to wait for weeks or months for payouts. You can check my blog for ways to make money and I keep on updated new methods almost every week. Here is my blog

  3. nilo0901 says:

    Lots of ways are legit… lots are not. It’s hard to separate the two. One things for sure, it will never replace having a solid job and is very, very hard and rare to be able to make a living from it. It’s a subject that fascinates me though and I’ve chosen to start writing a blog about it…

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