Last type writer ever made?

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Economy
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A typewriter has been made in a factory in North Wales, the makers say that it is the last typewriter ever made. The company Brother has made around 5.9 million typewriters since they opened in 1985 has given the last typewriter to the London Science Museum.

The museum said that the type writer signified the end to such a great technology that was so important to many people.

Edward Bryan, the worker who made the last type writer had worked at the factory since 1989.

“If people ever ask me, I can always say now, as a strange question, that I’ve made the last typewriter in the UK,” he said to the BBC.

He had been so good at making typewriters that he tried and succeeded in making one with his eyes closed.


For those typewriter lovers what do you think. will this make a big difference to the world? or will it just be forgotten about?



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