My forest school days

Posted: November 20, 2012 in A slice of me
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Now you are probably wondering what is forest school? Well it is when you go outside and do a lesson entirely outside. Rain or no rain, snow or no snow we still got to go out side. Now back in the day were i was doing my forest school we did so many great things! we would do this once a week every week.

Everyone in my class had so much fun. We did things like making dens and making dream catchers. Sometimes we even got to do what we wanted. When we would make dens we would make tribes to go with the dens. We would make our bow and arrows (with out the arrows) and pretend to have a war. It would always be so much fun.

On the days that it would rain very heavily we would make dens. Sometimes we would be told to bring in a snack and we would have a stash or treats. We would share round the treats and have a great feast.

I remember one time I brought in some spicy crisps. I gave one to my friend telling him they were spicy. He put it in his mouth and said “this isn’t spicy” as soon as he had said that he screamed for water. We laughed and I said want another one?

Forest school was one of the best lessons ever as we wouldn’t be set a certain piece of work we could do some of what we want and do a bit of work in between playing. We wouldn’t have to sit down and write out answers we would be told that we were going to make a den or make a dream catcher and we would go off and do it whilst playing and having fun.

When we would make things like dream catchers we would have to use the things that we would find off the ground and not rip leaves off trees or take a branch of a tree. We would just use what we could find. This was probably the best lesson ever.

What else was good about this was we didn’t have to do homework for this subject. We would just be able to have fun outside.Also sometimes we would go off adventuring. We would take a walk across several different fields for about an hour. This was all great fun too!

Now the bad side to this is we never got to do this in secondary school. I don’t understand why we couldn’t do it as there were lots of wooded ares were my school was. I still don’t understand to this day why we couldn’t do what we used to do. To me secondary school was all work and no play.

Play is more important than you think. Studies show that if children have no time to play, there working level goes down. So does their grades which can be really bad if you are just about to take your test. This is why all schools give you time to have a break and just take your mind off work.

Forest school was such a special day for me but in secondary school that day was gone. I see that even to this day they still don’t do forest school in secondary school.

Did you ever do forest school? what is your story?

  1. saxophonemad says:

    This is true in some cases how ever secondary is a lot more important and playing outside doesn’t teach you any thing to do with gcse’s or A levels.

    • trumpettune says:

      Well you are wrong there but remember this is only my opinion! I think if you are going to go ahead with your GCESE’s and study play work you would have to study how people play and what they think of it. But then again if you are not going to study this you are absolutely right!

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