Gold or Silver?

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Economy
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Which is best Gold or Silver? Now if you are someone who likes to read up on the latest news you will know that if this world keeps on this track our currency could change to Silver and Gold. At the moment China are thinking about moving to the currency of Gold and Silver.

So which is best Gold or Silver?

Well Gold is for protecting your assets and Silver is for purchasing power. Protecting your assets means, if you invest in gold it is a tangible asset once you have got it, if the euro or dollar collapses Gold holds its value against currency deflation.

Purchasing power, this means you have power over what you buy if you have Silver. You can spend your silver on everyday items. But with Silver you have to pay VAT and with Gold you don’t have to.

So I cannot tell you what is best but all I can say is this; Gold will increase in value and so will silver. so when you buy gold and silver you won’t be spending money on nothing! How I think of it is you are buying money with money. When you have lets say £100 worth of Gold and you wait for the price rates to go up a bit you could actually be making money just by owning that Gold or Silver.

So it is up to you weather you but Gold or Silver I think that what ever you buy is still worth your money.


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