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Hello everyone I just thought I would mention that I have my Ballet exam today. I have missed a lot of ballet this year but I am still willing to do it. I have helped many friends along the way but I am still nervous myself.

So it is today I feel ready but a bit nervous. Time is ticking closer to my exam and I get more and more nervous as it goes by.

Now a lot of people think Ballet is just for girls but it isn’t! It is actually for everyone. I have been doing ballet since a very young age and I am still doing it now.  If there are any other ballet dancers out there please come and leave a comment on your story. But anyway now I will tell you how to do well in a ballet exam.

First of all Practice Practice Practice. There can never be too much practice. Make sure you are ready and calm. When you do dances sing a little tune to your self for each song that will remind you of how it goes. Then you must remember to smile unless the song suggests you don’t. Keep your chin up and look proud. For Boys make sure everything is bigger than the girls. The examiner won’t mark you down for this. Talk with your friends, meet up, have a chat, talk about the exam. If the examiner asks you if you want to do it again always say YES.

If you follow this you should be fine and don’t forget to relax!


Right this is how! But first let me tell you about how I have tried.

This is how it all started… I was looking around the internet about blogging as someone i knew told me about it. I found timethief’s blog “basic blogging tips” I decided I would have a read before I decided anything. I had a good read of this blog and I saw how much this blog was achieving. I could see that time thief had way over 100 thousand views just from the US! Now that is amazing. I have also had a look at many other blogs and all these bloggers were achieving so much. So I decided to start blogging.

Then I got onto the wordpress site as it had impressed me more than Blogger or any other site. I made an account and I was blogging in seconds. It was amazing I couldn’t wait to have people looking at my blog. I was so excited i told some people about it. Now amazingly non of these people had ever heard of wordpress! So I explained to them non of them seemed really interested as they were to bust to make room for it. Bu one friend was.

I helped my friend start up a blog and he was astonished. This is exactly what he said “wow and this is all free?!” That’s another great thing about wordpress is it is free. (unless you have your own domain name). But then I found out about my stats button. I looked… Nothing. There were no views. I was confused as to why, but then I realized that timethief and all the other bloggers must have been blogging for years. So I started to find out how i could increse my blog traffic.

I looked at over 100 sites and followed the tips now my traffic is slowly increasing. I saw results in about 1 week. I looked and people were actually looking at my content not just the homepage! I loved it. Then i started thinking is it possible to be making money from this? So i did a search.

I found out that I can be making money but the income will start off very small. I thought I could not quit what i was doing now as blogging is only a hobby but I would still love to be making a bit of money with it. So here it is. How to make money blogging.

1. You can be making money by getting paid advertising on your blog. You can use things like Google Adwords or Adsense or you could use wordAD. I still haven’t tried these but they seem really good.

2. You could sell a product on your blog. This way involves a lot more work. It will also take a lot of time but still shows good results.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story and finding out how you can be making money from your blog.

can you really make money online? if so how? Well you can take Surveys or  you can sell stuff on your website. I have tried all of these and non of them have worked for me. The problem is you have to get a certain amount of money before you can get paid. Sometimes this can take a very long time. All they are trying to do is con you into taking surveys and you will not get paid unless you have a few years to spare. Some paid survey sites will get you to do surveys for points which you cash in when you have a certain amount. but these surveys come very rarely. Sometimes you will get 1 a month and even then you will have to go through some questions to see if you are right for the survey.  It will be very hard to find something that hasn’t been put up as it is very popular. Finally Internet marketing is a very hard thing to do as you will have to get traffic to your site. This is a long process and will take time but it may be the best chance you have. So have you made any money online and if so how have you done it? It would be great if you could tell me some of your stories on how you have tried and not been able to do it or even tried and been able to do it. please leave a comment sharing your story.

Here are my top tips to getting free traffic to your blog or website really fast. this is a very efficient way of dong it and it costs nothing. yes it’s free.

1.Post to your website consistently

if you post 3-4 times a day on your blog/website you will start seeing more traffic. as you will have lots more tags on your stuff and Google will see that it is a blog/website that is posting everyday and will more likely put you further up the page.
2. Tag everything!

the more you tag things the easier it is to get to it. if you were talking about cheese your tags would be along the lines of cheese,French cheese,German cheese,strongest cheese. see what i mean?

3. ping your site and get back links

if you ping your site to places like pingoat or feed shark  and and get back links your site will look more popular than it actually is and Google will give it a higher page ranking. if you type in these names to Google they will be there. Also if you type in free back links you will find some websites.

4. content is king!

if your content is meaning less or is not interesting or hard to read people won’t look at it. but if it is fun to read or something interesting there will be a lot more views to your blog/website.

5. don’t use traffic exchanges

things like traffic G and traffic swarm don’t give you proper views  they wont actually look at your stuff. i know because i have tried.

6. comment on other blogs

if you comment on other blog DON’T spam. just have a read of there blog and give them a constructive comment. if they like your comment they will click on your link and check out your blog.

7. use stumble upon

now stumble upon is not a traffic exchange. it is a place were people click the button stumble and look at peoples sites randomly. post your links up there and let people do their work. you can also use things like digg.

8. Join a blogging forum or network

If you join a blogging forum or network don’t spam just talk about what is on there and leave your website/blog address in your signature.

9. use social networking sites

things like twitter or Facebook or Hotmail you can leave messages to everyone with your newest posts from your blog/website.

that’s it. follow these tips and you will be on your way.