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Christmas is here!

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christmas has come and it is time for everyone to be happy!


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The Future Story

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Do you know what will happen in the future. Well Know one knows! So here is the story.

One boring afternoon in my office I got asked what is the future like. I was confused why would anyone ask me that. So I thought I would pull a little joke. I said you will find out if you wait. So this person that asked me the question said okay.

This person said if I am to get to the future I will have to preserve my body I will do this by… sleeping! I will start now! This man got into bed and fell asleep. He woke up. He gasped I am in the future! I was right next to him at the time. I said sorry to burst your bubble but it has been 20 minuets.

So there is your short story. I hope you enjoyed it.

The search for April Jones is understood to be approaching its final stages.

Officers are still searching areas around the town of Machynlleth, where the five-year-old went missing, but police say the effort is now expected to last weeks rather than months.

Community leaders are preparing to celebrate Christmas as normally as possible, despite the fact April’s body has still not been found.

But they accept that her disappearance has had a profound effect on life in the town.

Machynlleth became the focus of national media attention when April went missing six weeks ago.

Now it is trying to strike a balance between remembering the schoolgirl and moving on for the sake of hundreds of other children in the town.

Mayor Gareth Jones said it was important to make efforts to recapture the routine of normal life.

“I think by now people have a sense that they wish to try to move on as much as possible,” he said.

“Obviously that doesn’t mean that April and her family are any further away from our thoughts than they were at the very beginning.

“There’s just a sense that people see that we owe it to our young people to try to get some semblance of normality back into the way we are living our lives.”

Pink ribbons still adorn the town as a mark of support for April Jones’ family.

Hundreds are tied to fences, gateposts and door handles. Many people in the town still wear one every day.

Mr Jones said that the effect on the people of Machynlleth remains profound and will probably last a generation.

“People have become a little more wary of their children’s whereabouts,” he said.

“They are thinking twice about letting their children play outside. It will take a time for people to get back to the way it was.”

The sentiment was echoed at Wheeler Fabrics in the centre of town, the store that supplied most of the pink ribbons.

Sam Wheeler said: “The way that families treat their children, what they let them do and the freedom that they let them have.

“It’s going to be talked about in more detail than it used to be, which is a shame because future generations of kids might lose out on the freedom that they had.”

A pink candle has been lit at St. Peter’s Church where five weeks ago hundreds of people gathered for a service in April’s memory.

Vicar Kathleen Rogers said it would remain lit until April’s body is found.

Referring to the huge turnout of volunteers who helped with the search for April, she said: “At the beginning there was a lot of urgency.

“It was a hive of activity. Now there is a deep sense of sadness. People are preparing for Christmas and it will go ahead as it always does, but there will be a part of every [church] service that will be for April.”

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hello i would just like to say i am sorry about my absence i have had some internet problems with my computer. what happened is that i turned on the computer forgetting to turn on the router. so i had to turn off  the computer again and my internet popped up. i got onto my blog and started to write some news. all of a sudden my browser came up with sever not found. i was puzzled by this as now it said i had no internet connection. i checked to make sure my router was on. It was. I had no idea what the cause of this was. All it was is i had not clicked on the right internet connection instead of going on my usual sky connection i went on some other one. But anyway i am back writing news again.

Collectors were quick to snap up a series of UK banknotes with low serial numbers at a charity auction.

  • The new £50 note (left) replaces the old £50 note (right). Picture by: Georgie Gillard/Press Association Images

    Yahoo! Finance UK – The new £50 note (left) replaces the old £50 note (right). Picture by: Georgie Gillard/Press Association Images

A £50 note that sold for £820 was among the highlights of a Bank of England banknote auction that raised more than £50,000 for charity.

The reason for the high price tag for a seemingly ordinary banknote? It had the serial number AA01 000888. Early serial numbers are highly prized among notaphilists (paper money collectors). And the number eight is considered lucky in much of Asia, which is where many collectors live.

The £50 note was one of the recent 2011 designs featuring entrepreneur Matthew Bolton and engineer James Watt. It was also the first to feature the signature of new Bank of England Chief Cashier Chris Salmon.

Another £50 note with the serial number AA01 000013 sold for £700, while AA01 000018 went for £660.

Image: Spink & SonsTwo uncut sheets of 36 £50 notes (pictured left) sold for £5,500 and £3,900 respectively. The value of the notes on the sheets was £1,750.

The Bank of England deliberately holds back other notes with low serial numbers for sales such as this one.

The first issues of all banknotes ending with 01 are presented to the Queen, with 02 going to the Duke of Edinburgh and 03 to the Prime Minister.

The proceeds from the auction will be split between UK charities the British Association for Adoption & Fostering and the Kids Company.

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thats a lot of money for a £50 note. what do you think? leave a comment.