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Hello everyone I just thought I would mention that I have my Ballet exam today. I have missed a lot of ballet this year but I am still willing to do it. I have helped many friends along the way but I am still nervous myself.

So it is today I feel ready but a bit nervous. Time is ticking closer to my exam and I get more and more nervous as it goes by.

Now a lot of people think Ballet is just for girls but it isn’t! It is actually for everyone. I have been doing ballet since a very young age and I am still doing it now.  If there are any other ballet dancers out there please come and leave a comment on your story. But anyway now I will tell you how to do well in a ballet exam.

First of all Practice Practice Practice. There can never be too much practice. Make sure you are ready and calm. When you do dances sing a little tune to your self for each song that will remind you of how it goes. Then you must remember to smile unless the song suggests you don’t. Keep your chin up and look proud. For Boys make sure everything is bigger than the girls. The examiner won’t mark you down for this. Talk with your friends, meet up, have a chat, talk about the exam. If the examiner asks you if you want to do it again always say YES.

If you follow this you should be fine and don’t forget to relax!


I am not all just blogging. I do many other things in life. I am actually a Ballet dancer. Now I bet you would of never thought that. I have been doing ballet for 8 years. I love doing it. It is a great hobby of mine and would love to do more of it. I have performed in two shows as several parts. I would love to perform in many more. i will be taking a grade soon. I am feeling very nervous about this as i have not done one in a long time and have not had much time to practice.  I have been working extra hard everyday to get good marks.

Enough about that! I also play the trumpet. I am grade 3 and will hope fully be doing grade 5 soon. I have not had any lessons for a very long time. I haven’t taken a grade in ages too. I love practicing my trumpet and can do it many hours a day. I was actually practicing today for quite a while. I went over my scales and did some site reading.

I also do the odd jobs. I have started to run a business. It is a very small one only for the weekends. I do car washing. I have been taught how to do this very well. Here are my prices. Outside £4, inside and out £7 + polishing £8. I would love to here some feed back on weather you would pay those prices or not.

What hobbies do you have?