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My Oak tree

Posted: November 20, 2012 in A slice of me
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I have an Oak tree in my house. Now this Oak tree was planted way before i moved in. It must be about 50 to 100 years old. Now when i saw this Oak tree i thought hey this is a waste of space. So I decided I wanted it cut down. I called up someone and they cam round three days later. They said where is the tree? i said just there. They turned around and said we can’t cut that down. I said why? They told me that it was an Oak tree and i said that i knew that. So they told me that i will have to get the go ahead from the council to get it cut down.

So later that day  did some research and found out what had happened to the Oak trees many years ago. Now they are protected. So I thought to my self, Hey I have an Oak tree! They are protected and I have one! I was amazed by the fact that there was an Oak tree in my back garden.

But as I did more research i found out that the oldest tree in the UK was cut down in the middle of the night. I was so annoyed and this tree was history. I wanted to see it but now I can’t it is gone.

But anyway this Oak tree has been great except for when autumn comes! It is a night mare. All the leaves over my back yard it takes ages to clear them all up.

Every year this Oak tree would produce many Acorns. I would just sit and watch the squirrels climb up and down the tree collecting the Acorns. I would watch birds make nests.

But This year no Acorns came out! Not a single one. I am still confused to this day as this has never happened before. I waited and waited for the Acorns to com out. But nothing. No squirrels no nests nothing. I have done my research on why this may of happened but all I can think of is that it has been too cold.

To any one with an Oak tree has this happened to you?