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Recently i have played FIFA 12. I do not really enjoy it but thought if I write  a few game reviews it will help the blog come along. so to the game review

First thing, The commentating is delayed. When my friend scored it said “has he got a chance?” Is that right that is late even I know that’s late and i am no game expert. When my friend was just running down the field the commentating just randomly said “he has lost the ball”. So there is one bad thing about FIFA 12.

Secondly, It is very glitchy. when my friend had scored two players bumped into each other and started to run around in circles. This happened every tiume we scored. Should it be like this?

Thirdly, the graphics are probably the best I have seen on a FIFA game.

I have got FIFA 10 on the dsi and i played it a couple of times and i no longer enjoyed it. The time i spent playing it i thought i was really good, as i was scoring up to 10 pints to nil per match. I was very excited and i started to think that i should join a tournament. I   showed my some people my skills and they were amazed too. Until one day I showed someone and they said what difficulty setting are you on? I said what do you mean  difficulty setting? he said “let me show you”. He went into the game settings and said “you are on the lowest level on the game” I felt destroyed I had spent so much time playing this game thinking I was really good but actually i was going nowhere. I felt like everything i had achieved was for nothing. I put down my dsi and told myself it was time to stop. I have never been so addicted to FIFA again i now actually dislike it. But what else i don’t understand is why people need to get all the FIFA’s there is not much difference be tween FIFA 1 and FIFA 2. I don’t see the point. If it were my choice i would get FIFA 1 then FIFA 5then FIFA 10. That way i will be able to see a clear difference. So what do you think?




hello i would just like to say i am sorry about my absence i have had some internet problems with my computer. what happened is that i turned on the computer forgetting to turn on the router. so i had to turn off  the computer again and my internet popped up. i got onto my blog and started to write some news. all of a sudden my browser came up with sever not found. i was puzzled by this as now it said i had no internet connection. i checked to make sure my router was on. It was. I had no idea what the cause of this was. All it was is i had not clicked on the right internet connection instead of going on my usual sky connection i went on some other one. But anyway i am back writing news again.