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I am not all just blogging. I do many other things in life. I am actually a Ballet dancer. Now I bet you would of never thought that. I have been doing ballet for 8 years. I love doing it. It is a great hobby of mine and would love to do more of it. I have performed in two shows as several parts. I would love to perform in many more. i will be taking a grade soon. I am feeling very nervous about this as i have not done one in a long time and have not had much time to practice.  I have been working extra hard everyday to get good marks.

Enough about that! I also play the trumpet. I am grade 3 and will hope fully be doing grade 5 soon. I have not had any lessons for a very long time. I haven’t taken a grade in ages too. I love practicing my trumpet and can do it many hours a day. I was actually practicing today for quite a while. I went over my scales and did some site reading.

I also do the odd jobs. I have started to run a business. It is a very small one only for the weekends. I do car washing. I have been taught how to do this very well. Here are my prices. Outside £4, inside and out £7 + polishing £8. I would love to here some feed back on weather you would pay those prices or not.

What hobbies do you have?