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Me and my Tourettes

Posted: November 18, 2012 in A slice of me
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Hello everyone! Today i am going to tell you about my Tourettes. Now first thing you are probably wondering what it is! Well Tourettes is when you make involuntary movements and actions. It can also be were you say something or swear when you don’t want to. So there is a brief description on Tourettes.

My Tourettes makes me do all kinds of things. I swear I punch out i shout random words. Lots of things! Now about the swearing, not all people with Tourettes swear. Only 10% actually. I was diagnosed with Tourettes about 2 years ago. My tics (tics are the things you do when having Tourettes) started coming out way before that.

People with Tourettes don’t all show their tics. Some people can cover it up really well. So for all you know someone you know has Tourettes and you just don’t know about it.

So there you are i have told you about my Tourettes and what it is. I hope you enjoyed it!