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Here are my top tips to getting free traffic to your blog or website really fast. this is a very efficient way of dong it and it costs nothing. yes it’s free.

1.Post to your website consistently

if you post 3-4 times a day on your blog/website you will start seeing more traffic. as you will have lots more tags on your stuff and Google will see that it is a blog/website that is posting everyday and will more likely put you further up the page.
2. Tag everything!

the more you tag things the easier it is to get to it. if you were talking about cheese your tags would be along the lines of cheese,French cheese,German cheese,strongest cheese. see what i mean?

3. ping your site and get back links

if you ping your site to places like pingoat or feed shark  and and get back links your site will look more popular than it actually is and Google will give it a higher page ranking. if you type in these names to Google they will be there. Also if you type in free back links you will find some websites.

4. content is king!

if your content is meaning less or is not interesting or hard to read people won’t look at it. but if it is fun to read or something interesting there will be a lot more views to your blog/website.

5. don’t use traffic exchanges

things like traffic G and traffic swarm don’t give you proper views¬† they wont actually look at your stuff. i know because i have tried.

6. comment on other blogs

if you comment on other blog DON’T spam. just have a read of there blog and give them a constructive comment. if they like your comment they will click on your link and check out your blog.

7. use stumble upon

now stumble upon is not a traffic exchange. it is a place were people click the button stumble and look at peoples sites randomly. post your links up there and let people do their work. you can also use things like digg.

8. Join a blogging forum or network

If you join a blogging forum or network don’t spam just talk about what is on there and leave your website/blog address in your signature.

9. use social networking sites

things like twitter or Facebook or Hotmail you can leave messages to everyone with your newest posts from your blog/website.

that’s it. follow these tips and you will be on your way.